Here is described the privacy policy of our Platform solution and it’s mobile application – available on Apple and Google stores.

User data collected

The user data collected by the software are the :

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address

These three fields are the mandatory ones. Every user can also provide if he wants it’s gender and a login (unique identifier for the application) to use instead of the email on the authentification page.

A password is also asked for every new account. It is stored encrypted and cannot by read or uncrypted (in case of a SSO authentification no password is stored by the application).

Usage collected data

Text searches done by a user are stored in the application database to enhance it’s user experience : it’s most used ones can be suggested to help him while browsing the application. The search history can be deleted by the user himself whenever he wants.

Pages and posts read by the user are stored as anonymous statistics to help administrator understand what are the favorite thematics of their readers.

The software respect the GDPR.

Third party tools

No third party tool is used by the Platform. The mobile Application use AppCenter to store anonymous logs of users errors and bugs while using the application (mobile only).

Mobile application

On the mobile application a user can suggest news to the administrators. While using this feature the application could ask the user to get access to some data on the phone : the camera, the pictures/videos library, the files storage. These access would help the user to add documents to the news he is suggested.

Account life

Every user can delete it’s own account at any time. This can be done on the “My account” page.