Image and e-reputation watch measures brand awareness on the Internet and in the media in order to control the risks and opportunities associated with it.

Protect your brand image

Track down what people say about you

Viral communications, discussions, rumours, etc. Know how to identify them in order to respond optimally.

Run faster than Information

Become proactive thanks to image monitoring, and finally face the speed of propagation of Information on the Internet.

Triumph over customer conversations

Be at the heart of the exchanges related to your brand, develop a winning relationship with your target audience.

Avoid the “bad-buzz”

Limit any fire outbreaks and crises that could have a negative impact on your business.

E-reputation in the service of your strategy

Listen for better control

Do your customers have a voice? How fortunate!
Be aware of all their interactions and adapt your marketing and sales tactics accordingly.

Desired perception vs. actual perception

Easily assess the gap that may exist between the messages communicated to clients and their appropriation of them.

Find the right relays

Detect and monitor key players, influencers, and opinion leaders in your sector.

Take advantage of your image

Do not suffer any more. Make your image a strength that can serve your interests and bring you new opportunities.

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Salim Martin, Directeur innovation

Companies secrets which control their reputation

From the customization to the follow up, KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity