Legal monitoring is based on anticipating regulatory developments that may influence the company’s activities by examining legislation and its changes.

Decode the new texts

Identify the articles that are applicable to you

Collect regulatory proposals or bills that will affect your business as soon as possible.

Decipher the requested requirements

Dismantle the official obligations and conditions required for the application of the new regulations.

Get in compliance

“No one is supposed to ignore the law.” Always be in compliance with the legislation.

Implement a profitable action plan

Stay legitimate with your customers and your market by continuously monitoring your legal environment.

Keep an eye on the rules of the game

Don’t get lost in the administrative maze anymore

Laws, codes, decrees, regulations, ordinances, standards, rights… Know how to find your way around and evaluate the issues for your activity.

Limit the risks

Avoid sanctions and eliminate the threat that non-compliance poses to the health of your business.

Effectively integrate evolutions

Gently assimilate changes for your company by benefiting from efficient tools and relevant sources.

Anticipate to better influence

Identify future trends at the right time to better guide your decisions and environment.

Tame the legal and legislative framework

From the customization to the follow up, KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity