Fully customize your watch space

Multi-platform system

Each department or service can configure its own platform: its own graphic charter and distinct menu, a dedicated home page, specific content, etc.

Visualize the essentials at a glance

Detection of weak signals and trend analysis

Data visualisation identifies and studies significant changes in your market thanks to customisable dashboards and the different types of graphs available.

Want to be reassured?

KB Crawl supports you before, during and after your monitoring project. From the design of your tool, to the customization and monitoring of its functionalities, KB Crawl offers you a range of services adapted to your needs.

Contribute to team intelligence

Sharing your monitoring results

Promote synergies within your company: each user brings its added value through article suggestions, comments, thematic working groups, etc.

Manage your activity with the mobile app

Anytime, anywhere

Benefit from a decision-making and crisis management tool for all your daily decision-making.

Need a demonstration?

KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity