Business Intelligence allows you to better understand your environment and anticipate developments in key areas: market, innovation, regulation, digital, territory, strategy, etc.

What is the purpose of business intelligence?

Monitor your ecosystem

Business intelligence detects and processes relevant data from an organization’s environment.

Serve your strategy

It transforms weak signals into strategic information useful for the development of its business.

Strategic watch in the service of business intelligence

From watch to intelligence

Business intelligence encompasses a deeper and finer dimension than a traditional monitoring approach.

From intelligence to action

It contributes to decision-making and strategic environmental management.

At the crossroads of the challenges facing the entire organization

A transversal vision

Monitoring its market, detecting innovation, anticipating and monitoring regulatory changes, controlling its reputation, defining its strategy, etc., business intelligence helps you to control your ecosystem.

A strategy of continuous improvement

By better understanding the practices and methods of your environment, you can take advantage of new opportunities for your organization.

Need a demonstration?

From the customization to the follow up, KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity