Why KB Access ?

In a constantly changing environment, companies must quickly integrate information and react by optimizing their practices.

Monitoring your market, your competitors and your customers helps you to better develop or to relaunch your activity.

Dedicated to SMEs, SMIs, ETIs and self-employed people, KB Access provides a complete vision of your market and your competitors to feed your strategy and initiate actions.

The simplicity

A set of sources allows you to start your monitoring immediately. Then, you enrich your database by easily setting up the sites you want to monitor. You target precisely and filter the important information with your alert triggers.

Share and use

Organise and distribute your content for cross-functional awareness and engagement in your organization. You can push article sin newsletters or publish them on the platform. Thanks to the mobile application, your readers stay permanently connected with their environment.

A controlled budget

With the KB Access offer, there are no unpleasant surprises. The three packages allow everyone to choose the right configuration for their needs.

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