Crawler + Pilot + Platform = KB Suite

Individually or in a complete package,
adapt your monitoring tools as you wish!

Why a complete solution?

To control the entire monitoring process: defining objectives, collecting and processing information, analysing results, disseminating content, making decisions and taking action.

From raw information to return on investment

Turn knowledge into money!
KB Suite allows you to optimally understand each step of the Business Intelligence value chain.

Want to be reassured?

KB Crawl supports you before, during and after your monitoring project. From the design of your tool, to the customization and monitoring of its functionalities, KB Crawl offers you a range of services adapted to your needs.

Use all the features of KB solutions

Find all the tools that make KB products successful: Smart Crawl, Scraper, Mapper, Data driven, Macro recorder, Data visualization, Collaborative platform, Grab it, Custom alerts, Prompt publication, etc.

Need a demonstration?

From the customization to the follow up, KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity