Track an unlimited number of sources

Exhaustiveness of sources

Access all the Information: URL, website, forum, blog, social networks, email, RSS, databases, storage server, etc.

Plan easily

Information at any time

Schedule monitoring as many times as you want and at any time you want

Want to be reassured?

KB Crawl supports you before, during and after your monitoring project. From the design of your tool, to the customization and monitoring of its functionalities, KB Crawl offers you a range of services adapted to your needs.

Watch the block closely

Thinner than fine

The Scraper tool targets the desired surveillance areas and eliminates noise that can “pollute” the result of your monitoring.

Organize unstructured data

Structure data

The Mapper compiles various isolated information (prices, standards, product characteristics, etc.) and breaks it down into a structured file (XML, CSV).

Connection and automated search

User recognition

The Macro Recoder automatically identifies you to your different accounts and accesses your databases directly.

Need a demonstration?

KB Crawl develops and markets monitoring tools adapted to your needs, whatever your sector of activity