Competitive intelligence is the monitoring of competitors, current or potential, in order to improve your position and offer on the market.

Optimize your competitive position

Stay one step ahead

Stay informed of developments in your market to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Process Information at Source

Deepen and target your knowledge to act more quickly on new market offers, customer information, buy-outs, agreements and alliances, etc.

Focus on the essentials

Channel and structure the available Information to better facilitate its processing and analysis.

Do the right thing

Ensure that each actor in the company operates precise, reasoned and efficient actions in relation to the objectives set upstream.

Gain leadership skills

Use the slightest data

Faced with the excessive volume of data available, do not ignore certain aspects of the market any longer.

Increase your skills

Develop your know-how thanks to a sharp visibility of your ecosystem and its actors.

Become the reference in your market

Stand out from your competitors and maintain constant pressure on your market.

Refine your strategy

A major strategic challenge, monitoring allows you to differentiate your services and continuously adapt your offer.

Ready to better know your competitors ?

KB Crawl supports you before, during and after your monitoring project. From the design of your tool, to the customization, KB Crawl offers you a range of services adapted to your needs.