Relevant information to action

Business intelligence solutions and tools

Business intelligence

Getting the most out of exponential information

By intelligently exploiting all the data at your disposal, find new opportunities and detect earlier the issues you might face.

Monitor everything you want, continuously

A solution for automating the collection and processing of your information sources.

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Transform information into actionable data

Content enrichment, modelling and grading solution

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For everyone, the right info, in the right format, at the right time

Information dissemination and decision support solution.

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Our solutions are perfect for

Business Manager

  • Refine strategy
  • Acting well/reacting according to circumstances
  • Anticipate future actions
  • Control your deadlines and budgets

Marketing/Communication Department

  • To monitor the market and its actors
  • To better control communication and reputation
  • To change offers

Legal Department

  • To ensure the legal security of the company
  • To comply with legal evolutions
  • To advice managers and employees

R&D/innovation Department

  • Detect weak signals and new trends
  • Monitor patents
  • Identify technological innovations

Studies Department

  • Enrich the knowledge bases
  • Participate into the business intelligence
  • Analyze the market and anticipate evolutions


  • To perform a 360 ° watch
  • To improve the productivity
  • To share instantly