As a key player in the world of French business intelligence, KB Crawl SAS presents Web Monitoring Managers, Directors, Marketing and Strategic Directors with the KB Crawl Suite web monitoring software package. Combining the building blocks of data monitoring and gathering, a publishing platform and analytical functionalities, the KB Crawl Suite solutions are the result of over 20 years of research and development. Today, with over 40,000 users, they have become the most widespread strategic web monitoring products in France. KB Crawl SAS’s expert consultants are here to guide you throughout the set-up process and help you track your web monitoring project.

Identify and Analyze

KB Crawl ensures top-level professionalism in web monitoring by automatically collecting and centralizing visible and hidden web data and by using smart data filtering.

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Share and Decide

KB Platform boosts your smart web monitoring activities by sharing results in the most efficient way. Get the analysis and sharing tools that will optimize your marketing strategy.

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‘À la Carte’ Consulting

The strength of our solutions lies not only in their technological power, but also in their flexibility and ergonomics. Our teams will assist you throughout the set-up process and at all stages of your web monitoring activities: getting started, configuration, maintenance, help and support, training, sourcing, project tracking, and more.

Deploy and Integrate

KB Crawl Suite is an alliance between KB Crawl and KB Platform that caters to all your corporate functions. Because business intelligence is a collective asset, it is everybody’s business. KB Crawl SAS’s solution covers the entirety of what is referred to as the Web Monitoring Workflow. KB Crawl Suite is made up of two main building blocks:

  • KB Crawl, a tool that monitors and collects data
  • KB Platform, a content management and sharing module allowing Web Monitoring Managers to process and publish relevant information after it is collected and analyzed.

KB Crawl Suite therefore covers:

  • Monitoring & collection of all types of data available on the Internet
  • Processing of collected data
  • Data capitalization
  • Data research & analysis
  • Collaborative interaction and data enrichment
  • Data publishing.
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Both intuitive and ergonomic, KB Crawl Suite is, ‘par excellence,’ the tool that makes business intelligence accessible to all companies. Check out our demo solutions here.

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Feedback from clients who trust us:

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'Our Web Monitoring and Prospective Division publishes the precious information obtained through the KB Crawl platform. This Division is a lightweight structure made of two analysts whose expertise is the added value. My team works on a regular basis with the KB Crawl team for all the customized aspects. For example, in 2010, the Marketsearch portal was created and relies on the KB Crawl platform. Our user numbers have increased considerably, from about forty people at the beginning to nearly 3,000 today: co-workers from headquarters, purchasing divisions, supply chain divisions, IT departments, marketing departments, store directors. 90% of them are based in France, 10% are abroad.

Arnaud Merzougui, Manager of the Web Monitoring and Prospective Division - Carrefour

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‘Our France Marketing Department is in charge of analyzing market trends and launching new products. With only 6 people, the team does not have a permanent Web Monitoring Manager or Super Web Monitoring Manager within the organization. Each expert is responsible for his/her own web monitoring. KB Crawl was installed at the initiative of the Marketing Team, but today the whole company is using it. With the support of my Assistant, who is in charge of the KB Crawl project, the R&D, Regulatory, Industry etc. teams configure and receive their own alerts. The results are then shared throughout the company (17 sites on 5 continents). KB Crawl is extremely helpful; it makes sure we never miss any important information.’

Chloé Champion, Marketing Director, Europe – Diana Group